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Theodore Boone: The Scandal by John Grisham

Theodore Boone: The Scandal

Book 6

Theodore Boone returns in this sixth adventure from international and worldwide bestseller John Grisham!

About the Book

Theodore Boone returns in this sixth adventure from international and worldwide bestseller John Grisham!

Thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone knows every judge, police officer, and court clerk in Strattenburg. He has even helped bring a fugitive to justice. But even a future star lawyer like Theo has to deal with statewide standardized testing.

When an anonymous tip leads the school board to investigate a suspicious increase in scores at another local middle school, Theo finds himself thrust in the middle of a cheating scandal. With insider knowledge and his future on the line, Theo must follow his keen instincts to do what’s right in the newest case for clever kid lawyer Theo Boone.

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Chapter 1

Theodore Boone woke up in a foul mood. In fact, he’d gone to bed in a foul mood, and things had not improved during the night. As a few rays of morning sun lit his room, he stared at the ceiling and tried to think of ways to avoid this entire week. Generally, he enjoyed school—his friends, the teachers, most of the classes, debating—but there were times when he just wanted to stay in bed. This was one of those times, the worst week of the year. Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, and running through Friday, he and every other eighth grader would be stuck at their desks taking a series of dreadful tests.

Judge knew something was wrong, and at some point had left his spot beside Theo’s bed and assumed his spot on top of the covers. Mrs. Boone frowned on the idea of the dog sleeping in Theo’s bed, but she was downstairs having her quiet time with the morning newspaper and wouldn’t know. Or would she? Occasionally she noticed dog hair on the covers and asked Theo if Judge was sleeping with him. Most of the time Theo said yes, but quickly followed the admission with...

Excerpted from Theodore Boone: The Scandal by John Grisham. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


"Not since Nancy Drew has a nosy, crime-obsessed kid been so hard to resist." —The New York Times

"Classic Grisham." —The Los Angeles Times

"Smartly written." —USA Today

"Grisham is an absolute master." —Washington Post

"Edge-of-your-seat drama, sophisticated plotting, and plenty of spunk." —Chicago Sun-Times

"Gripping . . . I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery." —Scholastic News 

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